John E. Moss Foundation


The Board of Directors chose to honor John Moss in a bipartisan manner in order to include all individuals, regardless of political affiliation. In so doing, we felt it more reflective of the principles that guided Mr. Moss throughout his life and political career - he was a man of stature, intellectually and morally.

We hope you will help in our bipartisan, nonprofit effort to insure that his work on behalf of all Americans is continued in perpetuity through The John E. Moss Public Service Award. Contributions to the Foundation (a 501c3 organization) are tax deductible pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code. All associated with the Foundation do so on a volunteer basis and do not receive compensation.

Contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.
Please contact Kathleen B. Benson, Senior Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer for additional information concerning where contributions may be sent.

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